Improve your writing.

Advanced Business Writing

Show your employer you mean business: earn a verifiable certificate in Advanced Business Writing. Pay only $8.88, complete forty-two lessons, take seven tests, and earn a passing grade for the course.

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The Course

Module 1: Punctuation and Grammar
Commas, Semicolons, Dashes
Spelling, That/Which, They Singular

Module 2: Rules and Usage
Adjective Order, Latin Rules, Just Qualifiers
As/Like, Different/Into/May, While/Whether

Module 3: Clarity and Flow
Good Parallelism, Stuff-to-Back, Bad Delays
Good Modifiers, Familiar-to-New, Topic Focus

Module 4: Style and Sophistication
Tone for Purpose, Personalize, Diction
Balance, Inversion, Humor

Module 5: Rhetoric and Narrative
Engage, Emphasize, Argue, Appeal
Narrative Style, Power of Story

Module 6: Influence and Persuasion
Motivation Source, Reasoning Methods, Magic Words
Evidence Preference, Essential Consistency, Trusted Acceptance

Module 7: Presentations and Graphics
Clutter, Focus, Content
Change, Contribution, Data


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